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A little more about what I intend..

The focus on this blog is, as can be inferred from the title, the interior life of paganism and the worship of the Holy Ones; the Gods and Goddesses we are drawn to one way or another.

Things that should be a given on this blog:

-I believe all Gods and Goddesses are real individuals independent of each other. I do not believe They are avatars of one supreme Being [though I certainly recognize monotheism as a valid choice and life path]. I am a hard polytheist and find animism also an appropriate label for my beliefs.

-I do not believe there is a one-size-fits-all approach to any religious or spiritual practice. I do not pull “you’re doing it wrong” out of my pocket if your practice differs from mine, but will call bullshit on ill-informed, overly biased statements that seek to pigeonhole and divide and conquer.

-I do not believe that I, a mortal human with a finite ability to understand and grasp the world I can see and the worlds I cannot see, am in any place where I can spekak definitively for the Gods and/or spirits. I only k now what I am Told and that might apply for someone else, or it might not.

– I believe the Gods talk to all people, regardless of ‘job’. I don’t believe you have to be a spirit-worker to hear the Gods, nor do people who are not spirit-workers hear less well than I do—lots hear more and more clearly than me. Some people hear clearly, some do not…and some wish they heard more clearly or less clearly.

-I am a spirit-worker. I describe what I do as being a freelance god mouth that has a contract in a constant state of negotiation. This does not mean my words carry any more or less weight than anyone else, it simply means I often have a lot more headaches to deal with. There is no spirit-worker union..and the benefits are not all that. 😉

I always welcome feedback and enjoy hearing viewpoints that are different than mine. I’m not sure how often I’ll update due to a very full daily life, but I’ll do my best.